Listed below are some of the projects I work on when I have some spare time. Events Facebook Application Events is a Facebook application I developed to display your events on your facebook wall. I developed the application because there was no possible way to import this information into Facebook. Along with showing your upcoming events on your facebook wall, the application will also auto-update your events, and post news item on your wall of new upcoming events you are attending. I collaborated with Berlin based designer Jens Nikolaus, who helped with the styling of the application. Events has over 4000 fans and close to 10,000 monthly users. You can view the application at the following url:

Fauquier Cam

Fauquier Cam is a project I started after discovering the Linux application gphoto2. Gphoto2 allows you to connect a camera to a computer and remotely control the camera. I setup a small Linux computer at my parents house in Fauquier, British Columbia that takes photos every 5 minutes. After the photo is taken, it is uploaded to my webserver where it is resized, logged in a database, and then uploaded into the Amazon S3 cloud. I will explain the full process in more detail at a future date. For now you can view the latest from Fauquier at:

Burton Hockey

Burton Hockey is the umbrella organization that oversees two leagues of informally-organized hockey, generally of the roller variety, in British Columbia. Being one of the founding members of Burton Hockey I took it upon myself to develop a website for the site that allows someone to fully manage all the statistics on the site. The site features connections with the Flickr and YouTube API’s utilizing machine codes to import photos and videos into the site. You can view the site at:

Ebay Lens Tracker

Ebay Lens Tracker is an application I built to track camera lenses for sale on eBay using the eBay API. The application features a matching algorithm that learns as more auctions are discovered to ensure auctions are properly linked to lenses. Historic data is stored for all auctions such that you can view average, minimum and maximum costs for lenses, as well as view all current auctions for a given lens. Ebay Lens Tracker is currently in private beta.

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