Hi, my name is Stefan Klopp and kloppmagic.ca is my professional home on the Internet. I work as CTO for Matador Network, an online travel and media company. I love new challenges and thrive on solving problems in a practical manor.

Outside my duties at Matador Network, I help companies grow their web based business by providing expertise in scalability and performance. Designing and developing new web applications is a passion for me, and when I am not helping other companies with their products I am often working on some of my personal projects.


Kloppmagic is a nickname that stuck with me since I was a teenager. Rather than fight the name I thought it was best to embrace it. Since buying the domain name kloppmagic.ca back in 2000, this name has evolved to describe all the web based activities I work on.

Outside of Work

Outside of work I am an avid photographer, amateur baker, and occasional blogger. I have a true passion for the sport of hockey, and love discovering new great music.

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